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We help organizations and individuals see change as an opportunity rather than an obstacle.

Our Team

Our History and Business Development

VisionPath’s team members believe in life-long learning and keep abreast of the latest in human potential technologies and business management methodologies in order to deliver the most current business and career transformation models available. Consult the biographies of VisionPath’s executive management team to learn more about their individual commitment to life-long learning.

Diane Voth-Stewart

Principal, CCDP, DISC Certified (TTI)

Outplacement Specialist / Career Management Advisor
With extensive experience in supporting managers through employee terminations and displaced employees through their career transitions, Diane is recognized for her dedication to helping clients find balance and purpose within their working and personal lives. Her approach is based on realistic and practical methodologies in creating a strategic plan to help clients realize their work and life goals.

Diane is a dedicated professional who thrives on empowering others to maximize their potential.
With her broad understanding of human behaviour and her creative and innovative problem skills, she provides exemplary service to a diverse client base from graduating students to senior level decision makers.

An innovator in the career development field, Diane has created several benchmarks for the industry. Over the past 25 years, she introduced the use of video training for the interviewing process, the development of effective systems for the career transition process, and the initiation of the concept and professional working titles of Career Coach, Executive Coach, and Career Strategist, all of which are being utilized by practitioners in the industry today.

Jayne Barron

CPHR, CCDP, CWS, Associate

Career Management / Transition Consultant and Life Coach

Jayne is an award-winning, Certified Career Development Professional, and a Certified Work-Life Strategist with over 20 years of experience guiding individuals through work, life, and learning. Jayne is adept at assisting individuals to reach a stage of clarity before they begin making small or big decisions and when choosing or advancing their careers.  Jayne is a Chartered Professional in Human Resources, a Certified DISC Practitioner, and is MBTI Step II Qualified.

Ted Musgrove
BA, Cert.Con.Res., CMC, Principal
Organizational Development Consultant
What excites Ted the most is seeing people work together to deliver spectacular results! Most often, real transformation isn’t just realizing improved business performance; it is recognizing and respecting the skills and knowledge that every single person brings to the table – an approach to working together which results in continuous improvements and gains for individuals and organizations.

Ted is a seasoned executive and consultant with more than 20 years in business transformation and people development. With strong facilitation and collaboration techniques, Ted invites executives, staff, and other stakeholders to belong to a process and to listen to each other’s perspectives which result in a positive environment capable of delivering incredible outcomes.